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Welcome to QLD Biotherapeutics!

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, we are equipped with over 24,000 SF state-of-the-art labs and facilities.

At QLD Biotherapeutics, we have an R&D team focusing on the research and development of advanced cell and gene therapies using innovative technologies to treat devastating diseases. Our R&D team are all leading researchers and scientists from outstanding academia and industry with experience in international biopharmaceutical development.

International Standards & Quality

At QLD Biopharmaceuticals, we understand that every process and detail here is related to the health of thousands and of infinite hope.

Based on the high importance of research and development, QLD Biopharmaceuticals has adopted the world’s leading laboratory equipment and testing procedures. We have introduced the world’s leading production facilities, testing instruments and techniques, and established an excellent quality assurance system aligning with international standards. Matching the advanced infrastructures is our responsible team with rich professional knowledge, experience and excellence.

Our persistence, ethics and expertise together constitute the outstanding quality system of QLD Biopharmaceuticals, ensuring the high quality of biomedical end products.

QLD adheres to the core values of “Great Medicine and Sincerity, for Our Family and the Country”, and always takes the responsibility of continuously meeting clinical needs. Endeavoring to achieve the best quality of each end product, we strive to improve the accessibility of biomedicines and safeguard your health and well-being.

Contact Info

Address: 50 Soldiers Field Place, Boston, MA 02135 Phone: (+1) 617-208-8221 Email: xiangbin.xu@qilu-pharma.com