Qilu Pharmaceutical Awarded as the Best R&D Pipeline Pharmaceutical Company


Qilu Pharmaceutical was awarded as The Best R&D Pipeline Pharmaceutical Company in the 38th Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference.

To date, Qilu has launched 300+ products with 47 products “first to launch or exclusive launch in China. Qilu has currently 60 innovative projects in the pipeline, and among them, 10+ innovative projects are in clinical stage and one innovative product will be launched in 2022.

QLD Biotherapeutics Inc, located in Boston, Massachusetts, has over 24,000 SF state-of-the-art labs and facilities. At QLD Biotherapeutics, we have a R&D team focusing on the research and development of advanced cell and gene therapies using innovative technologies to treat devastating diseases. Our R&D team are all leading researchers and scientists from outstanding academia and industry with experience of international biopharmaceutical development.

With drugs exported to more than 80 countries and regions, Qilu Pharmaceutical marks the only domestic pharmaceutical company that exports FDF to all the main regulated markets, covering Europe, USA, UK, Japan and Australia, among which 18 of our products enjoy the largest market share. In addition, Qilu Pharmaceutical acts as the pioneer in the exportation of injectable products with commercial package to Japan. To date, 16 FDFs have been marketed in the USA and 10 in Europe. 12 APIs for human use from Qilu Pharmaceutical enjoy the world’s largest market share, including the families of Cephalosporin and Tazobactam.

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