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QLD Incubator

We provide best-in-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art BSL-2 lab space (24,000 SF) with well-equipped lab instruments and animal facilities to biotech and startups in life science, biotech, medical technology. We also provide our residents with guidance to help them build strong companies.

Location and Parking

We conveniently located at south side of the Charles River at Boston, MA. It will take less than 15min to Harvard, MIT, Kendal Square, and long wood medical area. 

We have 57 Parking spots.

Main Laboratory

A BSL-2 laboratory with 25 of 8-feet benches available.

Cell Culture Rooms

Four cell culture rooms with biosafety hood, CO2 incubators and centrifuges and a bio-processing room

Animal Facility

A well-equipped animal facility with two animal holding rooms (up to 480 cages), two shared procedure rooms and one receiving room for quarantine. Researchers can access a top-quality vivarium space staffed by QLD Bio-Incubator. QLBIC is responsible for all infrastructure and compliance, allowing you to focus on accelerating your research efforts.

Office Area

We have both single office and cubic workstation


We have three conference rooms. The large conference could accommodate 30+ for the meeting/seminal.


Coffee and Lunch areas at both 1st floor and 2nd floor.